Project: Kickoff meeting for the TextToKids project (ANR)

In January, the team was happy to attend the kickoff meeting of the new TextToKids project, funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). The TextToKids project aims to facilitate the writing and the filtering of texts for children, especially but not only in order to tell them about current events (e.g., presidential elections, Brexit, reception of migrants in France, etc.) in respect of their language skills. The targeted age group is that of young readers, that is, the 7-12 age group. The consortium, which brings together linguists, computer scientists and specialized journalists, will seek to characterize the linguistic constraints to be respected for such a purpose and to propose assistive tools (automated textual analysis, search engine, reformulation, good practices). In terms of benefits, the project works in the direction of a “children’s Internet” and opens a way to other modalities (speech, images).

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