Library and toolkit ROOTS

Roots toolkitROOTS, standing for Rich Object Oriented Transcription System, is a C++ library dedicated to annotated sequential data management, usually speech or text. Beside C++, a complete Perl binding has been developed.

The library is coming along with scripts and wrappers enabling quick basic operations on a speech signal (ranging from linguistic to acoustic). ROOTS can be used in combination with standard tools like Transcriber and Wavesurfer, widely used in the speech community.

Browse Roots’ website to download the toolkit and to get more information.

Unit selection synthesis engine

A speech sythesis engine based on a unit selection algorithm with possibilities to propose and test new cost functions.

Software LamSCP

Optimal building of corpora using Lagrangian relaxation and a greedy algorithm.

Listening test platform

HTML5 Web platform to conduct subjective listening tests with most popular evaluation standards.

Grumph phonetizer

Grumph is a grapheme-to-phoneme converter based on conditional random fields (CRFs) and weighted finite state transducers (WFSTs). Grumph generates probabilistic phoneme lattices. See [Lecorve2015] for more details.

Sequential Data Mining under Constraints (SDMC)

SDMC provides a set of tools for sequential data mining. SDMC has been developped in conjunction with the GREYC, MODYCO and LIPN institutes, using our sequential pattern mining algorithms.

See the demo page here.

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